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Shintaro Uchiyama(twitter: @getpa_gt,Instagram: @getpa_gt

Master's Student, Applied Mathematics and Network Laboratory, Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

Student, Leadning Graduate School at TUT

Programmer, a company in Toyohashi

After graduating from National Institute of Technology, Toyota College, I entered Toyohashi University of Technology.

Now I mainly research about the information system that helps to do Flipped Learning with Education Technology at Umemura Lab.

Upon entering university, I started working part-time at a software development company in Toyohashi. I have developing experience in various languages, mainly C#.

Personal History

May 1997 Birth in Nagoya, Japan

April 2013 Entered to Dept. CS, NIT, Toyota College

March 2018 Graduated from Dept. CS, NIT, Toyota College

April 2018 Entered to Dept. CS, TUT as a 3rd grade transfer

July 2018 Started part-time job at a software development company in Toyohashi

April 2019 Joined to Umemura Lab.

March 2020 Graduated from Dept. CS, TUT

April 2020 Entered to Graduate School, Dept. CS, TUT


International Conferences(Peer-reviewed)

Oral Session

Poster Session

  • Shintaro Uchiyama and Hiroshi Inagaki, "Mixed Reality with HoloLens to Enhance Expression Ability in Education," 2018 5th International Conference on Advanced Informatics: Concept Theory and Applications (ICAICTA)


International Conferences